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Upcoming Events

There are some exciting sessions and tours

being planned for the Months Ahead

June 21st

What is HEVC H.265 (video compression) & why do I need to know about it for Video Surveillance

Videos take up a lot of space and bandwidth is limited.  Getting your Netflix stream through the internet is one thing.  Getting 125 million Netflix users the episodes of The Bachelor is a challenge.  Uncompressed HD video takes up about 10.5 GB of space per minute.  Compressing the video or packing the files into smaller spaces makes it possible.

Since the late 2000’s the standard for video surveillance has been H.264.  Over the past year many VMS suppliers have added support for and camera manufacturers have released versions with a new standard – H.265. This format will support the new 4K cameras and the 8K ones on the way.

The Video Compression is HVEC or High Efficiency Video Coding, also known at H.265, promises a 50% storage reduction while maintaining a high image quality level according the marketing material.  Great news for organizations required to keep video for longer than a week or have numerous cameras.  But is it as simple as replacing your old cameras with new ones?  What questions should you be asking your integrator?  Is it worth the investment?  Will it even work with your existing system?

Join ASIS Manitoba’s Execs Jonathan Metcalfe (Treasurer and new certified PSP) and Member-at-Large Dale Coulthard for lunch and learn how this new emerging standard affects your video surveillance strategy.

August 22nd
Golf Tournament in conjunction with Canasa

Imagine if you will walking up to the tee box, as a hush falls over the crowd, you place your golf ball on tee.  You note the sun glistening off the flag at the centre of the green ... you step back to admire the lush fairway, the wind rustling the grass in the rough ... you take a couple practice swings ... then step up and hit your ball straight down the fairway ... thus starting off your wonderful 2018 Canasa Golf Tournament round.

This year ASIS Manitoba Chapter 198 has been invited to join Canasa Prairie chapter with their annual golf tournament.  The tournament will be held at Bel Acres Golf & Country Club at 7150 Road 70 North, Rosser, Manitoba on Wednesday, August 22nd.  ASIS has negotiated a special member rate of $105/person (before tax) which includes green fees, power cart, lunch and dinner or a dinner option for only $50/person (before tax).

To reserve your spot (or foursome) please contact Jonathan Metcalfe from National Industrial at (204) 783 6688 or through email at jonathanm@nici.mb.ca.

This event sells out fast so make sure you register as you will not want to miss the social event of the season.

September 20th
Centennial Concert Hall

October 18th
Red River College

November 15th
Annual General Meeting - Updates and Elections

November 20th
Executive Planning Session

December 20th
Christmas Luncheon

For more information or if you have a suggestion for a
tour or information session, please contact us at

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