OSINT Strategies for Effective Threat Assessments

Stopping an Active Shooter with OSINT: How Publicly Available Information Becomes Actionable Intelligence

01 December 2023

Ever wondered how publicly available information could save lives? In the article “Stopping an Active Shooter with OSINT: How Publicly Available Information Becomes Actionable Intelligence” Daniel Clemens, the Founder and CEO of ShadowDragon, recounts a real-life scenario demonstrating the critical role of open-source intelligence (OSINT) in preventing a potential active shooter threat. The narrative unfolds as a global financial technology company, utilizing ShadowDragon’s tools, identified an active shooter threat through their online public data monitoring tool, OIMonitor.

Strategically monitoring online public data for specific keywords enabled the organization to pinpoint a potential threat actor, initiating an effective threat analysis. This analysis evaluated the individualā€™s capabilities, intent, and the likelihood of carrying out the threat.

Explore the full article for deeper insights into how OSINT can be leveraged to protect your organization. Learn about the proactive steps taken by this organization to identify, evaluate, and thwart a potential threat, showcasing the power of OSINT in safeguarding against real-world dangers.


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