Wilfred Randall (Randy) Schmeichel Memorial Scholarship


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The ASIS Manitoba Chapter 198 Wilfred Randall (Randy) Schmeichel Memorial Scholarship was established in March 2012 in recognition of the level of commitment, dedication to education, training, and interest in professional development exemplified by Mr. Schmeichel. Randy was a retired police officer (Winnipeg Police Service), who went on to serve & protect with the University of Manitoba, Campus Police and lastly as Coordinator/Investigations (Mobile Patrol) with the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority (security program). A few weeks before his untimely death at the age of 50, Randy had completed the Management Certificate program at Red River Community College. Randy was an active member of ASIS International since 2008 and was to embark on the CPP study program. Randy was a certified Non-Violent Crisis Intervention (NVCI) instructor, and provided many hours of training to professionals in the healthcare sector and contract security. Since his retirement from the police service, Randy had a passion and commitment for helping others. His character, compassion and dedication left an impact on the many people he met.

The scholarship is presented annually in his memory.

Scholarship Criteria for Applicants

  1. An applicant must be a member of ASIS Manitoba Chapter 198 in good standing (meaning paid-up membership) with a minimum of two years (uninterrupted) membership; OR….
  2. Be an immediate family of a Chapter member in good standing. Immediate family is defined as a spouse, child or step-child. In order for a family member to apply,
  3. their application must be submitted through the intermediary of the ASIS Chapter member in good standing.
  4. To be eligible, applicants must be enrolled in professional development training or post-secondary education. Preference will be given towards those enrolled in security management, law enforcement, or other security related program. Professional development training includes college or university courses, management training or educational courses. Proof of registration and/or credits and/or certificates must be provided.
  5. The applicant must submit a fully completed application by the defined deadline September 15th 2023.

Application & Award Process

  1. Members of ASIS Chapter 198 will be informed of the scholarship program and eligibility requirements by way of email and/or posted notice on the Manitoba Chapter 198 website.
  2. Applications (pdf Form) for the scholarship will be available on-line at the Chapter 198 website.
  3. Applicants must submit their completed application along with a cover letter, which clearly explains why they are making the application, why they deserve a scholarship and the relevance of the educational path they have selected. Please reference #3 under the heading “Scholarship Criteria for Applicants”
  4. The application deadline will be published on the ASIS Chapter 198 website.
  5. The scholarship selection process is governed by a Scholarship Panel made up of the Scholarship Chair (or alternate named by the Chapter Chair), the Chapter Chair, Vice Chair, and Treasurer or other named executives.
  6. The actual selection committee must include no less than three of the four members of the Scholarship Panel.
  7. This year there is a cap of $500. Monies can be distributed partially or entirely at the discretion of the selection committee, based on set criteria (merit, cover letter and field of study with proof).
  8. One recipient will be selected to receive a scholarship based on the Committee’s assessment and decision. The amount of the award and the number of awards to be assigned are at the discretion of the selection committee. If no suitable applications are received, no scholarship will be awarded.
  9. The scholarship can be received only once per individual.
  10. Successful recipients will be notified in writing.
  11. Successful recipients will be invited to receive their award at a future ASIS function. Chapter Treasurer to arrange payment with recipient. The Selection Committee reserves the right to publish photos of the recipient.
  12. The successful award recipients will be announced at the annual AGM in November of each year. It will also be posted on the Chapter website and may be shared through other means of social media.

Scholarship Funding & Administration

  1. The scholarship is funded by way of proceeds from the annual certification study sessions, chapter events, corporate and private donations, and monthly meetings.
  2. The award terms and guidelines will be governed by the Chapter Scholarship Chair (or Chapter Chair) with input from the Chapter Chair, Vice Chair and Treasurer.
  3. To apply download the the application from: https://asiswinnipeg.ca/wp-content/uploads/2023/03/ASIS-MB-Chapter-198-Scholarship-Application-E-Form-2023.pdf

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